Blue Cross of Idaho:

last 8% culture system case study

A Transformative Story of Organizational Success

Since 2022, Blue Cross of Idaho (BCI) has been working with IHHP to foster a high performing culture. This impactful case study came together after sitting down with several teams at BCI to hear directly from them about how they fostered a culture of accountability, innovation, and high performance. 

This compelling case study explores how BCI harnessed IHHP’s innovative Last 8% Culture System to overcome challenges, achieve remarkable success, and become a destination employer. 

This success story not only serves as a testament to the power of effective collaboration and the innovative Last 8% Culture System, but also provides actionable insights for any organization aiming for improvement in performance and employee satisfaction. 

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  • Learn how BCI identified and tackled critical issues in leadership effectiveness, employee retention and engagement, strategy, performance, and operational agility.
  • Understand the strategies and methodologies employed by IHHP to foster a culture of accountability, innovation, and high performance.
  • Review the tangible results of this collaboration, including enhanced employee engagement, increased innovation, and a strong culture of execution.
  • Gain insights into the step-by-step processes and best practices that can be adapted to any organization looking to foster significant cultural change.
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IHHP is a global leader in culture development and emotional intelligence, with a proven track record of working with Fortune 500 organizations, government bodies, and academic institutions worldwide. We build long-term relationships and become advisors to organizations who routinely face pressure and want to create a lasting culture, such as Allstate, United Healthcare, Fidelity, Microsoft, Harvard, US Navy, along with NFL and NBA teams. Our learning systems are rooted in neuroscience, incorporating established theories and the latest research. We provide assessments, and employ a systemic approach to build and embed corporate culture at all levels of the organization. 

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