Do You Have a Culture Where People Take Risks to Do Hard Things?

checklist for a high performing culture

Build a High Performance Culture

Many organizations have hired great people, have developed a compelling product, and have a unique and effective strategy, but something is not right, they are not getting the results they know are possible. What’s getting in the way? 

After 25 years of research and work with some of the world’s highest performing organizations, we have found you need to get these six factors right.

Your culture is being created every day in the hard moments your people face. Do your people have the tools to manage these challenges so they can use them to build the culture on their teams? Or, is your culture being created by default, as opposed to design?

Building a high performance culture is less onerous than you think. It starts by understanding the fundamental unit where culture exists – on teams, not across the organization. Giving your people leaders the tools and a structure to own the culture on their team is key.

With this checklist as your guide, you're well on your way to cultivating a culture that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. And the best part, the Last 8% Culture System, our proprietary approach, helps you build your culture in months, not years. 

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  • Discover why your biggest competitive advantage isn't your strategy or products.
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IHHP is a global leader in culture development and emotional intelligence, with a proven track record of working with Fortune 500 organizations, government bodies, and academic institutions worldwide. We build long-term relationships and become advisors to organizations who routinely face pressure and want to create a lasting culture, such as Allstate, United Healthcare, Fidelity, Microsoft, Harvard, US Navy, along with NFL and NBA teams. Our learning systems are rooted in neuroscience, incorporating established theories and the latest research. We provide assessments, and employ a systemic approach to build and embed corporate culture at all levels of the organization. 

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